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WorldEdit Lite Addon for Minecraft PE

Do you want to quickly edit the landscape, build giant structures or replace blocks using a stick and 5 sec of your time? This is easy with WorldEdit Lite which is created in add-on format for Minecraft Bedrock and newer, but not supporting previous versions. Unlike the full WorldEdit, the Lite version is simplified and offers only one functionality.

By: Momeemt

WorldEdit Lite

How does WorldEdit Lite work?

In order not to use chat and commands at all, the addon is implemented using a stick. You take one in your hand and put the necessary for replacement / insert block in the first slot of your hot bar. For example, if you want to replace dirts with diamond blocks then put a diamond block in the first slot and take a wooden stick.

The second and final step is to select a zone. Editing a region occurs diagonally, that is, you tap on the first block and the second so that you completely select the entire zone that you want to fill with blocks. The whole process is shown below, watch it if you hardly understand how it works.

How to install the WorldEdit Lite Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download WorldEdit Lite Addon for Minecraft PE


Sadwo (5 September 2019 01:23)
Group: Guest
Pls make it work for 1.12 to
Sadwo (30 August 2019 00:28)
Group: Guest
Make it work for 1.12 pls
Kifff (23 August 2019 06:30)
Group: Guest
Aspen (13 June 2019 08:43)
Group: Guest
That will be and awesome world edit it’s really good

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