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Recycler Addon for Minecraft PE

Having a large farm consisting of a lot of mobs, mostly of animals, you can reduce your work day by a few hours. Using the Recycler Addon (Mini Mob-Grinder original name), your farm will receive a new round of development through smart mechanisms. In fact, the recycler allows you to get items from eggs and other things.

By: real_cr21

Why do you need to use it?

With it, you will receive items that in everyday life you need to look for, take away from opponents, dig up or use other actions. Just by installing one or more recyclers, the mobs themselves will turn into the desired item without your participation.

How to use the recycler?

Its simplest use is the processing of ordinary chicken eggs. Putting one egg in the recycler will provide you with a working chicken spawn egg. This is one of the basic ways to use this wonderful mechanism. Use any items that mobs drop after their death, there are over 40 varieties of supported items.

Recycler Addon for Minecraft PE
Recycler Addon for Minecraft PE
As soon as you use the item on the recycler, it will be painted in a certain color. This signals that its functionality has changed. Connect it with chests, it can send things immediately to the chest without throwing it on the ground.

How to install the Recycler Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Recycler Addon for Minecraft PE


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