» » PlaceMe (Placeable Items) Addon for Minecraft PE

PlaceMe (Placeable Items) Addon for Minecraft PE

Finally, a full-featured addon that allows you to place things similar to what you do in real life. No soaring effect or freezing in the air, now you can put any thing on blocks and it will realistically be there, leaning against the entire surface. The PlaceMe Addon is an opportunity to create a beautiful and objects-filled kitchen, to build a diverse garden, barn or even a warehouse with things.

By: real_cr21

PlaceMe (Placeable Items) Addon for Minecraft PE
PlaceMe (Placeable Items) Addon for Minecraft PE

How to put items?

To begin, you will need an item similar to a drawing sheet called Place Me. It serves as a form that can turn into any desired object. Place it anywhere, preferably on a flat surface. After that, take the item you want to put and tap on the drawing sheet. This will create a placed object that can also be lifted simply by destroying it.

Thus decorate the rooms, tables and any surface. For placing there are over 400 items from food to blocks. The addon tested on Minecraft PE

What does this look like?

How to install the PlaceMe Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Place Me Addon for Minecraft PE 1.11


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