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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 2019 Addon Pack for Minecraft BE 1.10/

2019 Addon Pack for Minecraft BE 1.10/

2019 has just begun and during these two months there have been quite interesting events in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition modding. Everything is still ahead and by the end of the year we will see even more cool addons created by ordinary players. At this time, you are invited to download the addon pack consisting of the four most popular addon. They are different and together form an excellent opportunity to change all aspects of the game.

The Addons inside:

More Phantoms

Vanilla Phantom can not be alone, so the More Phantoms Addon adds new ones. Phantoms hunt at night and you can become their victim if you hesitate and travel without tamed cats which by the way are an excellent means against flying killers.

Tiny Structures

Building a smaller city in Minecraft Bedrock is no longer an unattainable goal. With this addon you will have tiny copies of structures that can be found in any naturally generated world. Want to establish your mini village? Get down to business using village elements.

Village Guards

Hire a bodyguard by installing the Village Guards Addon. Your guards will follow you anywhere in the world behind your back and will repel any threat posed by mobs. They do not care how strong the enemy is, any aggression is their job that no longer cares for you.

Improved Bedrock AI

With improved intelligence, you will feel how much MCPE has changed. Usually it is Mojang who does how to make the creatures brain better. This addon will help make mobs smarter by adding more logic to their behavior.

2019 Addon Pack for Minecraft BE 1.10/
2019 Addon Pack for Minecraft BE 1.10/

Download 2019 Addon Pack for Minecraft BE 1.10/


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