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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » GraveStone mod v1.0.1 (IC) for MCBE

GraveStone mod v1.0.1 (IC) for MCBE

It is worthwhile to explain in advance that this version of the mod was developed for Inner Core and unlike the BlockLauncher version it has a number of advantages. If you still use BL and want this mod for it then go here - Gravestone mod for MCPE.

GraveStone mod v1.0.1 (IC) for MCBE

The meaning of this modification is simple: it adds graves and tombstones after the death of the player. This feature does not end there. The second very useful and profitable is the fact that all items after your death will be inside the grave and you will have enough to destroy it to bring them back to your inventory.

So, how does this work?

1) The grave will appear after your death
2) Run to this place after spawn and go to your tombstone.
3) Destroy it and pick up those things that you lost after death.

How to install the GraveStone mod?

1. Install InnerCore (download).
2. Move the folder from the archive here: games/com.mojang/mods.

Download GraveStone mod v1.0 for Minecraft BE
Download GraveStone mod v1.0.1 for Minecraft BE


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