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Dragon Block Multiverse Mod v4.0 for Minecraft Bedrock

This is a completely different mod based on manga Dragon Ball (do not confuse with the Dragon Ball mod although they have some common features) for Minecraft PE. You can meet the main characters involved in the story, test weapons and armor, show your skills using a special system.


Changelog v4.0:

A huge number of new things
New sagas
New characters!
New transformations (Full power and Ultra instinct)
GUI and special buttons
Added pro version
Works on Minecraft PE 1.11

Dragon Block Multiverse
Dragon Block Multiverse

Everything depends on the energy displayed at the top of the screen. This scale is replenished after defeating enemies and is expended when using new skills. Use the buttons on the sides to try new attacks and shots.

Some mobs spawn automatically as original ones, but you can also build small dragon balls structures to summon new bosses. There is the ability to interact with them through an interface and a dialog system. Choose a battle or exchange items.

Creatures and important items:

Majin Buu
Fat Majin Buu
Frieza (4 types)
Master Roshi
Attack Ball
Cell (3 types)
Ki Blast
Spirit Bomb

There are also coaches who can teach you new skills. These services cost a certain number of points, but in time you will achieve maximum results. In the archive there is a collection of new sounds, you will definitely enjoy listening to completely different effects and actions.

How to install the Dragon Block Mod?

Download the mod and BlockLauncher.
Unzip the downloaded archive.
Run BL -> ModPE -> activate .modpkg.

Download Dragon Block Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Download Dragon Block Mod (Pro) for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Jefferson (6 November 2020 07:01)
Group: Guest
E dá por favor
Tiago (4 April 2020 07:35)
Group: Guest
Fuciona ne porfavor
NADHIR Smg (2 April 2020 08:10)
Group: Guest
Please tell the creature to add the kamehameha house and name and dinausor there is not dinausor for this mod and tell him to change the bar of ki because always is 10 thanx for listening and please tell the creator
Goku Tutoriais (24 November 2019 06:11)
Group: Guest
Muito Bom o mod adorei
Antônio (27 September 2019 19:58)
Group: Guest
Como executar no bloco laucher se ele não pega
Dude (16 September 2019 11:10)
Group: Guest
Its dumb but sort of fun
firstpeng (4 November 2018 20:40)
Group: Guest
How to play?
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