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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Toy Soldier Addon v5 (Minecraft PE 1.9/

Toy Soldier Addon v5 (Minecraft PE 1.9/

Do you want to test yourself as an army general? Toy Soldier Addon adds four warring parties, two armies of soldiers ready to fight to the last man in Minecraft Pocket Edition. There are four teams: red, green, blue and yellow armies. All teams differ only in color which allows you to play this addon with a friend. Now you can become a strategist and lead your army to victory. Thanks to several types of soldiers, your soldiers will perform certain roles.

How to get the soldiers?

Before spawning soldiers, you will need a special field with a barrier where they can fight. Take pig, mooshrooms, creeper or cow spawn eggs (enough about 20 pieces) and throw on the field. Once the teams are ready you will need to break the dividing barrier and watch as both armies battle.

Types of soldiers:

There are 5 types: a spearman [arrow] (uses spears and throws them at the enemy), a standard soldier (fights with his hands), an assassin (has an increased attack speed), a wizard [requires a blaze rod] (uses fireballs) and healer [a bone] (helps his soldiers and heals wounds, can not attack the enemy and is useless without other soldiers). Soldiers are neutral to the player, but they hate the opposing team.
The horse is the only mob at the moment who can interact with soldiers. The soldiers themselves will ride on horseback thereby increasing their speed.

Perhaps the Toy Soldier Addon will receive new types of soldiers or equipment, catapults shooting with fireballs.
In any case, the addon is being developed and that's not all.

Changelog v5 (Big update):

New classes, new models and more.


  1. Herba
  2. Aqua
  3. Ignis
  4. Harenae

Support for Minecraft PE 1.9 Release & 1.10.0.X Betas.

What the update looks like:

Toy Soldier Addon
Toy Soldier Addon
Toy Soldier Addon
Toy Soldier Addon

Changelog v4:

Fixed toy horses.
Compatibility with Minecraft BE 1.6.

Changelog v2/v3:

Use gold ingots if you want to disband soldiers.
Spider toy can be used for riding.
Support for Minecraft BE 1.2/1.5.

How to install the Toy Soldier Addon?

1. Download the addon.
2. Open it using Minecraft PE.

Download Toy Soldier Addon (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Download Toy Soldier Addon v2 (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Download Toy Soldier Addon v3 (Minecraft PE 1.2/1.5)
Download Toy Soldier Addon v4 (Minecraft PE 1.6)
Download Toy Soldier Addon v5 (Minecraft PE 1.9+)


Toy solder (27 February 2021 22:59)
Group: Guest
Ši spele ir mana miļaka spele
Alnoor (23 December 2019 23:32)
Group: Guest
I wish there is much better way to do this
Hfxcvccyf (3 May 2018 02:32)
Group: Guest
Logan Alexander negrelli (9 May 2017 13:38)
Group: Guest
Looks awesome
Jack (30 April 2017 02:02)
Group: Guest

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