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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Supreme Boss addon for Minecraft PE

Supreme Boss addon for Minecraft PE

Another boss wants to fight with you and check how well you own a weapon. Supreme Boss is dressed in a magical robes and wears a large white beard, he does not look scary and lives like an ordinary witch in swamps. Tranquility will come to an end when you go too close and try to hit him.

By: Gona

All his power will be directed at you and it's not only punches, your health will decrease with every second so before the battle starts you need to develop combat tactics. For example, to tame strong beasts or to come up with a shelter for protection from where you can use the aiming fire from the bow.

Supreme Boss addon for Minecraft PE

Why fight with him? This boss is a small treasure chest that you need to open by defeating it. The spent efforts will pay off if you do everything right. But beware, Supreme Boss can attack both at a distance and in close combat.

How to install the Supreme Boss addon?

Open the game and go to settings.
Activate the downloaded files.

Download Supreme Boss addon for Minecraft PE


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