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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE news » MCPE - Stained glass

MCPE - Stained glass

Recently, Mojang released a new version 1.0.5 that includes command blocks but that's not what this is about. There is a suggestion that we are waiting for a small update - Minecraft PE, in which developers can actually add the painted glass.

MCPE - Stained glass

In general, I will tell you a secret, these glasses are already added to the game, but are not used. The same with the debug screen, it is in the game files but is not activated in the game process. If you want to play right now with colored glass, then we suggest that you download any of these mods: Colored Glass addon adds glass blocks and panels that can easily be installed in your home, or Pocket Decoration mod that adds not only colored glass but also furniture to Minecraft PE!

In the meantime, we have a little time to wait, because This version can come out pretty quickly.


Franeek (8 April 2017 23:25)
Group: Guest
Nie ma nic wsp?lnego z rzeczywisto?ci? i na pewno b?dzie nie ma w nim zawarte w niej

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