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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Decorative mod adds 34 furniture and 16 colored glass blocks for decorating your house. The computer, trash, stereos and bell have their own unique sounds! By installing this mod you can decorate absolutely any room as you want. Every object has a crafting recipe, and it's great for the survival mode. The Pocket Decoration is one of the best of its category and it will transform your hut in a real comfortable home. The next update should contain new sounds and maybe some new items, wait.

Creator: iViictxr

Read the details below and be sure to download the mod for your version of the game.

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

Changes in v10.0:

Support for MCPE 1.1. Do not forget that you will need BL to install it.
The new thing is a blender.
Some items have been deleted, new ones will be added in future updates.

Changes in v9.0:
Support for MCPE 0.17.0/1.0.2.
Install this update if youre using the latest version of the game.
Changes in v8.0: 
New furniture and objects: several types of cabinets, mirror, reading lamps, gifts and more.
Support for MCPE 0.16.0/0.16.1. Use the latest version of the Block Launcher (download) to install the mod.
Some fixes including the correct position.
Changes in v6.0: 
Added the modem and the coin.
Improved texture of some items and fixed bugs.
Changes in v5.0:
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0.
Completely reworked some items.
Added file cabinet and mouse pad.
Christmas tree has been removed.
Changes in v3.1:
Christmas tree;
Door bell;
Garden lamp;
Ceiling light;
Bedside tables from different wood;
Other changes:

The computer, the trash, the doorbell have their own unique sounds;
Stereo system works as a musical block;
A new kind of computer and some other items;
How to get these blocks?

Firstly, you can enter the command: / furnitures, if you are in survival mode. The blocks are located in one of the tabs of inventory (creative mode). Also you can to craft the furniture in survival (recipe list is below).

The computer and stereo system have their own sounds. Just click on them.

Pocket Decoration mod v10 for Minecraft PE 1.1

If you break the gifts from them will drops randomly item. Connect to TV the button or lever to turn it on.

Item list (crafting recipes):

1) Install the texture pack
2) Restart BlockLauncher
3) Install the mod
4) Enjoy!

Download Pocket Decoration mod v3.1 (0.13.X)
Download Pocket Decoration mod v5.0 (0.14.0)
Download Pocket Decoration mod v6.0 (0.14.0)
Download Pocket Decoration mod v8.0 (0.16.0/0.16.1)
Download Pocket Decoration mod v9.0 (1.0/0.17.0)
Download Pocket Decoration mod v10.0 (1.1)


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