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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Features

Unfortunately, the latest versions of Minecraft PE show the trend of small updates. Each new update contains fewer and fewer features since the developers have released the aquatic update. As you can see, MCBE brings only two new items and fixes a lot of bugs, so Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be called corrective.


New thing - Phantom Membrane
New thing - Potion of Slow Falling
World improvement - Now the game mode is automatically set in accordance with the world settings

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Features

Phantom Membrane.

Strangely enough, this thing can be picked up after the death of the phantom mob. To do this, you have a little sleep and hunt. The membrane using is associated with cooking a special potion or for repairing elytra wings which is important enough for those who fly often.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Features

Potion of Slow Falling.

The name of this potion speaks for itself and is shown below. Having drunk such a potion, you can smoothly land on the ground without having received fatal damage. This effect is achieved with the help of elytra, but thanks to the potion you can fall from any height from any place.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Features


First, you will need the following ingredients (Awkward Potion, Nether Wart and Phantom Membrane) and a brewing stand. Using all the components in turn, you get the new potion.

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