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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft BE 1.6 » Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.6.2 - Release (MCPE 1.6.2)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.6.2 - Release (MCPE 1.6.2)

The developers have not finished version 1.5 yet, but already switched to Minecraft 1.6. Most likely, this is the next stage in the development of the Aquatic Update planned for this year. As always, the versions under the new numbers contain a large list of changes but not this time.

MCBE 1.6 offers players about 30 bug fixes from previous versions, as well as a few innovations that are likely to be useful only for map-makers. Barriers blocks are new pieces necessary for the construction of mini-games, passing maps or any other where you, as the creator, have to limit the player or direct him in the specified direction..

In addition, Minecraft Bedrock Edition changes the controls making it more convenient for gamepads and touch devices.

MCPE changelog:

1. Try not to sleep more than three days after which phantoms appear in the night sky.
2. Barriers for creating maps.
3. Added new buttons to move between menus.
4. The ability to use the controller buttons (LB & RB) to turn pages in the book & quill.

MCPE changelog:

1. Added phantom membrane.
2. Added slow falling potion.
3. Automatic change of the game mode to the one set in the world settings.
4. Bug fixes.

MCPE changelog:

1. Added the function to turn off the spawn of phantoms in the world.
2. Bug fixes [17 errors].

MCPE changelog:

1. Bug fixes [19 errors].

MCPE changelog:

1. Fixed crashes while playing.
2. Bug fixes [5 errors].

MCPE changelog:

Release includes all the previous features and also corrects more than 80 errors.

MCPE 1.6.1 changelog:

New button for clearing entered data during login.
Now phantoms attack players 100%.
iOS players will feel the increase in game performance due to optimization.
Server bugs correction.

MCPE 1.6.2 changelog:

A lot of fixes including crashes.

Download Minecraft BE 1.6.2 (Android)
Download Minecraft BE 1.6.2 (iOS)
Download Minecraft BE 1.6.2 (Win10)
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