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Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

Without a doubt, MCPE is the most massive and large after version 1.2. Mojang in every way brings the game closer to the release of the water upgrade (Minecraft PE 1.3) and this time you really enjoy after you plunge into the water. Exploring the oceans will become a priority for the next week, as well as the construction of beautiful corals houses on the shore.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

All the changes and features you can see in the full article - Download Minecraft Bedrock, there are a lot of them.

And here are the most important of them:

Ocean ravines. They really have much in common with ravines on land, explore them and extract rare blocks.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

New fish species: cod, salmon, and pufferfish. They live at different depths but you can see them near the shore if there's a pretty steep descent. Use the bucket instead of the fishing rod if you want to immediately catch the fish.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)
Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

Corals and coral reefs. These are very beautiful and bright blocks that can be found on the bottom. You decide in which place to use them.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

Shipwrecks. Once it was a fast ship, but something went wrong and now the ship left only parts. Treasure in the hold is something that can cause any player to rush to find.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

Icebergs. If you are a true traveler and nothing can stop you, then after a few game days you will find icebergs on which you can even live.

Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)
Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)
Minecraft Bedrock (Many features)

Download Minecraft Bedrock


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