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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.9 » Minecraft PE - JS Addons!

Minecraft PE - JS Addons!

For a simple player, this change is of no interest, but those who are fond of addons and are waiting for more features to create them should rejoice. Minecraft PE (also called MCBE now supports initial level of jаvascript. This means that very soon we will see a completely new level of addons, very different from what is now.

Minecraft PE - JS Addons!
Simply put, now addons will get more features that are comparable to mods. Of course, they are still far from everything that BlockLauncher or InnerCore modifications allow, but this step is only the beginning.

Minecraft PE - JS Addons!
This innovation will allow players to create MCPE add-ons which not only add new types of mobs, but also fully manage them. Using scripts, it will be possible to manage various game events, receive and modify entities parameters, and influence various elements of the game.

Minecraft PE - JS Addons!
In addition, the interface changes are expected, created using jаvascript, which will come as a surprise to most fans.

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