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Download Minecraft PE 1.9 Release

Did you expect to see the new version of the game so quickly? Go ahead, search for the bamboo jungle and fight with illagers who will now appear in different biomes and attack peaceful villages. In addition to the new bandits, Minecraft 1.9 contains many new blocks; more precisely, building blocks from various resources have been added that are already available in MC Java 1.14 but still not in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

MCPE 1.9 Release Changelog:

New walls, slabs, signs, stairs!
All the changes from the previous 1.9 betas
Giant bugfix
Available on Android, iOS, Win10, Nintendo and Xbox, VR

Minecraft PE 1.9 Release
Minecraft PE 1.9 Release
Minecraft PE 1.9 Release
Minecraft PE 1.9 Release
Minecraft PE 1.9 Release
Minecraft PE 1.9 Release

MCPE Changelog:

Bug fixes

MCPE Changelog:

New jаvascript addons
Bug fixes

MCPE Changelog:

8 new blocks (Cartography table, Fletching table, Smithing Table, Grindstone, Barrel, Bell, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Lantern)
You can pour lava into the cauldrons
New tags and the ability to limit the use of commands to improve performance
Black text color for signs
Signs are in a separate category
The ability to play different versions that are not very different from each other

MCPE Changelog:

Added pillagers
Jungle generate bamboo, now you do not need creative inventory to get it
Two new types of flowers
Finally, added all variations of slabs, walls and stairs (Andesite, Polished, Nether Brick, Smooth Red Sandstone, etc)
New immediate respawn opt for game rules
Improved performance that can be noticed while playing
And other small changes

As for the illagers, they hate villagers and will attack them if they cooperate in a small group. Their attacks can be seen in recent 1.14 snapshots, but so far it is not available for Minecraft BE 1.9. In the next beta versions, the developers will definitely add more illager features, but for now they are spawned everywhere and behave aggressively.

Bamboo was added to version 1.8, but so far it has not been naturally generated in the jungle. Now bamboo grows only in one biome and it can be cut down and built scaffolding or taken and planted.

The remaining changes relate to blocks and new flowers. Many builders can breathe with confidence because Minecraft 1.9 now provides them with the opportunity to create more diverse structures from different materials including rare blocks.

Download the latest beta versions of Minecraft Bedrock 1.9 below and send errors by feedback, and do not forget to update.

Download Minecraft BE 1.9 (Android)
Download Minecraft BE 1.9 (iOS)
Download Minecraft BE 1.9 (Win10)
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Vanlison (6 March 2019 02:43)
Group: Guest
mint (16 January 2019 21:27)
Group: Guest
why i can find the download link?
Toxic (10 December 2018 21:29)
Group: Guest
Does this Apk have Xbox access ? Can I sign In ?0
Ppoid (7 December 2018 05:11)
Group: Guest
bxd (18 November 2018 20:53)
Group: Guest
don't have

Quote: bxd
don't have

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