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Minecraft Bedrock Edition

As always unexpected for everyone, the developers rolled out the next update and it received the number This is the first beta version and it already contains what everyone was talking about. Yes, these are bees and sweet honey, as well as some other blocks that are sure to find application in MCPE 1.14.

So, the final changelog is presented below and it is almost entirely devoted to bees and related items and blocks. Like Java, Minecraft PE 1.14 contains almost everything the same but adapted for touch devices, Win10 and Xbox.

Minecraft PE What's new?

Added bees!
New blocks: beehives and nests
Added honeycomb, honeycomb block and honey bottle
Mobs XP correlated with Minecraft Java
Leash can be used on other mobs

What are bees?

Go to the full article to find out all the features about bees - Minecraft PE 1.14. In short, the bees are not aggressive, but only if you are not trying to kill them or steal their honey. In an aggressive state, bees sting their opponents and die after some time. Also, bee stings give poisoning for a while, be careful.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Beehives and Nests:

These blocks are places where bees live and produce their honey. Usually, bees live together uniting in a swarm. They collect pollen and carry it to their hives and nests. The source of pollen is flowers, so you can see the bees next to the flowers.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
Beehives and nests differ in that one block can be crafted by you and used to produce honey. If you like apiaries and honey, be sure to do it.

Other bee items:

Among other things, Minecraft Bedrock Edition adds bee honeycombs, a bottle of honey and a honeycomb. Honey restores health, and the honeycomb block can be used as a decor or when creating mini games, since the block itself has similar properties to a slime block.

MCPE 1.14 New Crafting Recipes:

Download Minecraft PE 1.14 from the link and get acquainted with the new beta versions on our website.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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