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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.13 » Minecraft Bedrock - Structure Block and Secrets

Minecraft Bedrock - Structure Block and Secrets

Have you already seen the new version available so far only on Win10? If not, go to the full article where there is more information about Minecraft PE In the meantime, PC players on Windows 10 are already researching new features and watching foxes, which are newly added mobs.

Here are 5 interesting innovations that you might not know. In fact, most players have not even heard of such blocks as a structural and void block. Let's find out what they are and learn some interesting facts about foxes.

1. Thieving foxes

With the introduction of the foxes, the game got the real thief who knows how to pick up objects lying on the ground. If you throw an object (it may even be a block), the fox will notice it and take it into its mouth with rapid speed. It will be difficult for you to catch up with it, but if you manage to defeat the fox, you can return your item back.

2. Who is the fox afraid of?

Foxes are incredibly shy animals, but if they notice a wolf or a bear, they will instantly rush to flee. The eyes of wolves and bears turn red and their behavior is insane, they lose their mind and try to catch fox.

3. Structure Void

This block is a surprise for most players because many do not even know about its existence. In Java, this block has been around for a long time, but MCPE has recently received it for general use. This block is required when using the Structure Block described below. Void is needed to remove air blocks. Use the /give @s structure_void command to get it.

4. Structure block

This block will be a great helper for map makers in Minecraft PE 1.13. It performs many functions but the basic is copying. That is, players will be able to copy, paste and perform other actions on the selected area. The block has a convenient interface where you can customize what you need.

Minecraft PE Structure block
Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE

5. The badges

It is possible that you lost sight of this, but in 1.13 villagers received a slight update. Each villager has a badge dependent on his trading level. There are stone, iron and diamond badges, find a villager and look at his clothes carefully.

Minecraft PE villagers
Minecraft PE villagers
Meanwhile, this is not all that Minecraft 1.13 showed us. We did not mention a lot of addon features that allow you to do interesting things. Stay tuned for updates and download the latest versions of Minecraft Bedrock 1.13.

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