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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » Edge Innovations Shader for Minecraft PE 1.11+

Edge Innovations Shader for Minecraft PE 1.11+

Edge Innovations offer the most epic water in Minecraft Bedrock Edition you could see. Perhaps it is water that is the key factor why you should install the Edge Innovations Shader or Edge 2 simply. This shader has a common base with SEUS PE, a successful shader for MCPE. But small shaders like this have never before implemented such water as shown below.

Edge 2 features:

First of all, it is water (new color, ripples, waves)
Moving plants
New shades and tones
Updated sky
Brighter sun
Dynamic clouds (not cubic)
Stars emit light
Several other smaller changes

Shader disadvantages:

The main reason why this water is not ideal is weather dependence. Realistic water is displayed only when the weather is fine, but in the rain it turns into vanila. This applies to almost any weather change, except for a few.

Should also be said about brightness. Because of its features, the Edge Innovations Shader increases the brightness of some blocks such as sand, so during the daytime (especially when the sun is at its zenith) the sand becomes almost white and blinding. But this can be seen in many other shaders for Minecraft PE.

Shader requires:

Android or iOS (Win10 did not participate in testing, it is possible that it works well)
Any device with 2GB of memory and more
Minecraft PE 1.11.0 or 1.11.1 (try on 1.12 beta and tell me if there are any bugs)


How to install the Edge Innovations Shader?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Edge Innovations Shader for Minecraft PE 1.11


Be safe Bahamas (13 September 2020 01:50)
Group: Guest
yo nice
Rakesh Mondal (5 August 2020 23:30)
Group: Guest
Nice website
mario hunt (23 May 2020 19:58)
Group: Guest
Quote: chenarkalire
please download shader
Mahdie (3 December 2019 11:44)
Group: Guest
=) jsjsj
DelTaco24 (27 June 2019 00:45)
Group: Guest
This shader is very disappointing, it’s very glitchy like your stuck in this weird sky cube, slabs look dark, your skin is bright, etc. This shader sucks. Oh and the water actually looks like literal sh*t in game.
chenarkalire (24 May 2019 21:48)
Group: Guest
please download shader
Rjjehwue (17 May 2019 19:44)
Group: Guest

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