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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » SkyFactory Map for Minecraft PE 1.13

SkyFactory Map for Minecraft PE 1.13

SkyFactory is an analogue of SkyBlock but with some interesting differences that engineers and technologists will like. Playing SkyBlock in Minecraft Bedrock, you only need to think about using of this or that block considering it from the side of vanilla crafting. No need to invent anything else, but only care about survival.

By: DanRobzProbz

What is SkyFactory?

Everything changes when you go to SkyFactory, a more complicated version. Its distinguishing feature is the extraordinary and technical component. The map presents new items, things and mechanisms that work and produce other items.

Generators, mechanisms:

Cobblestone Generator (1-5 tiers)
Sand Generator (1-5 tiers)
Water Tank
Lava Tank
Cobblestone Miner
Auto Farmer
Mob Grinder
Cobblestone Miner


Compressed Cobblestone
Double Compressed Cobblestone
Triple Compressed Cobblestone
Quadruple Compressed Cobblestone
Compressed Sand
Double Compressed Sand
Compressed Red Sand
Double Compressed Red Sand
Compressed Cactus
Compressed Sugarcane
Double Compressed Sugarcane
Triple Compressed Sugarcane
Quadruple Compressed Sugarcane
Compressed Rotten Flesh
Diamond Spore
Coal Spore
Emerald Spore
Redstone Spore
Lapis Spore
Quartz Spore
Weak Torch
Dragonium Block
Dragonium Spore
Infinity Block Fabricator
Cobblestone Miner Fabricator Block
Mob Grinder Fabricator Block
Farmer Fabricator Block
Lava Tank Fabricator Block
Water Tank Fabricator Block

Items, weapons, seeds:

Diamond Nugget
Dragonium Ingot
Tempered Plastic Sheet
Plastic Sheet
Teleport To The Recipe §aArea
Poison Spider Goo
Golden Fish
Lapis Berry
Coal Berry
Dragonium Berry
Quartz Berry
Redstone Berry
Emerald Berry
Diamond Berry
Charcoal Chunk
Diamond Seeds
Coal Seeds
Emerald Seeds
Redstone Seeds
Lapis Seeds
Quartz Seeds
Dragonium Seeds
Dragonium Fragment
Dragonium Nugget
Emerald Nugget
Bone Fragment
Spider Shard
Mega Potion
Fire Charm
Dragonium Sword
Bone Dagger
Enriched Dragonium Sword
Wooden Crook
Bone Crook
Combined Wooden Crook
Combined Bone Crook

SkyFactory Map for Minecraft PE
SkyFactory Map for Minecraft PE
Many technological mods served as the basis for creating this map. Note that in some cases the spent item cannot be restored.

Tips & Tricks:

How to install the SkyFactory Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported automatically.

Download SkyFactory Map for Minecraft PE (Smartphones)
Download SkyFactory Map for Minecraft BE (Win10 & Xbox)


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