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Audia City for Minecraft PE 1.12

Among such giant projects as BlueCity, this one was left unnoticed for a long time. Audia City is not inferior to other Minecraft PE cities and its information even surpasses the rest of the city maps. You may not believe it, but the city consists of more than two billion blocks, raising it to the leading places among other cities.

By: TekkitRealm

Such a number of blocks forms several urban centers, large areas with their inherent architecture, railway stations and airport, residential communities, beaches and places for active recreation, and what is in real megalopolises.


One person is not able to build such a city, so different players with good construction skills were engaged in the creation of Audia City. More than ten people worked here and as a result you can see this amazing city.

City Plan:

City tour:

Download Audia City for Minecraft PE 1.12 [178 Mb]


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