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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » UIE City for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

UIE City for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

UIE, like many other modern cities for Minecraft PE, has been developed for a long time, this is not its first year, and during this time the city has received a huge amount of changes. There are 5 large areas with developed infrastructure, all of them are connected by a network of roads, as well as tunnels and bridges.


Cars can be seen on the roads, flying planes are in the sky, and trains travel by rail. This is a mini copy of the American metropolis with all that can be seen there in real life.

UIE City first appeared about three years ago and now finally reached the final stage of development. You can congratulate the builders of this wonderful project and go on a trip to visit this city.

As always you should get a vehicle, a horse in such a place is very strange. We advise you to download this Cars Mod Pack, which immediately offers you a whole auto-catalog consisting mainly of very fast cars. They are great ride in Minecraft Bedrock and more new versions.

Download UIE City for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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