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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Tardis from Doctor Who Map for Minecraft BE

Tardis from Doctor Who Map for Minecraft BE

A few days ago you could see the DrWho Addon that introduces many quality copies of characters from the TV series Doctor Who. Alas, for the time being there is no really working Tardis that would allow you to travel in time and move to any point of the world just by going into it.

Instead, try the map where your home and advanced battles are located. An interesting feature is Tardis the telephone booth, which is realized as in the show and is able to teleport a player between two places.

The first point is your base where you can experiment and relax. The second was the place where the battles are located, go there to have some fun without fail, necessarily taking guns and food. To navigate, use the two buttons inside the Tardis and also take the Sonic screwdriver-stick.

Download Tardis from Doctor Who Map for Minecraft BE


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