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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » American House Map for MCPE

American House Map for MCPE

This is the easiest and most natural version of the American house which marked the beginning of the construction of entire towns and districts. To feel like a resident of the United States you need to download this house and open the map or cut it out and add it to your own (use WorldEdit for this).

By: Leckest

American House Map for MCPE
American House Map for MCPE
As for the house, it is one-story with an attic and a room upstairs. In fact, this is the home of the average American offering everything you need. There is a bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen and a living room. Around the house is an empty area which can be turned into a perfectly maintained lawn, garden, swimming pool or whatever you want.

Download American House Map for MCPE


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