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Paper Cut-Out Texture Pack [MCPE 1.11/1.12]

It's a pretty old texture pack for MCPE but it does not lose its relevance. The Paper Cut-Out textures will transform monotone color and make the world brighter. The author has created a really nice, smooth and pleasing to the eye texture pack which comprises a number of features.
Creator: Dash Droide

Changes in v3.0:

Support for Minecraft PE 1.12 Beta.

Changes in v2.5:

Added all new blocks from Minecraft PE 1.11 Release.
Works on and newer.

Changes in v2.0:

Added all content from Minecraft PE 1.9.
Works on MCPE 1.10 but without its features.

Changes in v1.9:

Aquatic content is almost completely added.
Optimal version for MCPE 1.6 and 1.7.

Changes in v1.8:

Support for MCPE
Added new textures (drowned, trident, etc.).
Release of new versions of the game is also supported with the exception of new things.

Blocks have a smooth texture, the colors become more saturated, and you'll notice the difference immediately. In my view, the ore blocks are a distinctive feature. They were seriously changed and now look very attractive. The pack supports both Android and iOS operating systems.
Below you can download the Paper Cut-Out pack for Minecraft PE 1.1 and 1.2, added all the new items and mobs in this version.

Paper Cut-Out installation:

Download the texture pack and start the game.
Go to global resources and activate this textures.

Download Paper Cut-Out texture pack [MCPE 1.0.0/0.17.0]
Download Paper Cut-Out texture pack [MCPE 1.1.0]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.0.0/0.17.0]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.2]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.2.13+]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.6/1.7+]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.7+]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.9+]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.11]
Download Paper Cut-Out [MCPE 1.12]


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