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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Metropolis for MCPE 1.8+

Metropolis for MCPE 1.8+

This city can be called whatever you like, but one fact will remain unchanged: the Metropolis is huge and continues to grow and grow larger. In comparison with other major cities in MCPE, this is the modern capital of one of the developed countries with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, a developed network of roads, a variety of public places and eating places.

Metropolis for MCPE 1.8+

If you decide to use part of the metropolis for some purpose, use Toolbox, for example, with a built-in map editor, and also the fact that the map is built in a flat world without a natural landscape that usually interferes with such operations.

Metropolis for MCPE 1.8+

The size of the city and its area do not reach the really large projects with a long development history, but this Metropolis is being built and the area is not limited.

Download Metropolis for MCPE 1.8+


DelTaco24 (12 January 2022 22:02)
Group: Guest
I left so much cringe on here ;-;
DelTaco24 (28 June 2019 19:27)
Group: Guest
Ok I took a third look at your stupid f*cking city and I figured out something. All the nicer looking buildings are from other people’s maps, you just copied and pasted them into your sh*tty city. But, most of the ugly ones were designed by you I guess.
DelTaco24 (1 March 2019 15:10)
Group: Guest
Update: I flew around and took a closer look and I saw one new problem you have THREE buildings that are the EXACT same height kingdom tower Taipei 101 and Torre Megapolis witch looks pretty UGLY. And to my next point too many diamond buildings diamond, gold and emerald are terrible materials for buildings but I found some I might actually use I’m my city your Hearst tower looks pretty nice and so do a few others too like Shanghai wfc 2 icc and a few more. But there are some pretty ugly buildings in this map
DelTaco24 (27 February 2019 13:55)
Group: Guest
This map is meh in my mind it’s ok but not the best. First the scale is a bit off some buildings should be WAY bigger and some should be WAY smaller like is saw your icc from Hong Kong and it’s TINY smaller the the Willis yes WILLIS NOT SEARS! and some are just way to big for example your Kingdom tower doesn’t even fit under the hideous height limit and your evolution tower is GIANT. Second is that your sometimes reuse already built buildings like first you build your normal scale wills is tower but 3 blocks away and there is the Willis tower’s baby and some of the generic skyscrapers just got use so many time your can even count. And third is the looks for me about 1/4 of this map looks nice and the rest is bs SOME BUILDINGS DONT EVEN USE GLASS FOR GODS SAKE and some are really nice but the one right next to is is eye cancer

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