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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+

FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+

If you do not know which career to choose and which way to go then we present you a map which of course does not help you, but will strengthen your mindfulness and train the logic a little. You probably already saw other Find The Button editions from MattTheMiner44 and this one is not much different from them except for locations.

FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+
FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+

Here you have to go through a lot of careers starting with a builder and finishing with a YouTube. One level is one button that can be anywhere on the level so do not miss by the chests and any blocks that can store things in.

FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+

Having found the button you need only tap on it and you will immediately move to the next location. Repeat the successful search and sooner or later you will completely complete the map. Want more maps? Choose another edition and start searching.

Download FtB - Careers map for MCPE 1.6+


Drix0717 (22 August 2018 01:19)
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How to download pls.???????

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