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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+

Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+

Finally, you can compete with your friends and test all your abilities in this map. The fact is that Parkubes is only 3 attempts after which you will start all over again. Yes, it is difficult and it will be difficult for you to go through all levels without dying more than three times but it is quite possible if you have already gained experience and feel your parkour skills well.

Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+

In addition, the map levels contain bonus blocks that offer different properties. In some places, they can become the only chance to get on some block, in other cases, bonus blocks can simply facilitate the passage.

Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+
Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+


Every time you die, you'll lose a life, and will restarrt the level you're currently on. You'll start the map with 3 lives. Lose all 3, and you'll have to start over. Display your remaining lives while playing. Turn this feature off to duce lag on low-end devices. Turning it off will not disable the lives system.

Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5+

HI Scores:

Dislays your current HI Score while in the lobby. Give it a few seconds to clear when you turn it off.

Download Parkubes map for MCBE 1.5


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