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Update Aquatic (MCPE map

If you follow the updates of Minecraft Bedrock, you have already seen the content in New fish, wrecks, seaweed and kelp, icebergs and other features were included in the latest beta version and thus the developers show the players that the release of MCPE 1.3 is approaching.

By: Innova67

Update Aquatic (MCPE map

So it is, Update Aquatic will show us a completely new underwater world very soon and while you can closer look at all the objects, blocks and creatures and see the small features that many players simply did not see or miss.

Update Aquatic (MCPE map
Update Aquatic (MCPE map

This map is built specifically for any Minecraft fan to easily and simply see and touch all that was added 1.2.14. According to the update style, everything is under water in sealed sections.

Download Update Aquatic map for MCPE


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