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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » The Lines map for MCBE 1.2.10+

The Lines map for MCBE 1.2.10+

You have not seen such a parkour map created for Minecraft Bedrock. Traditionally almost every parkour project consists of several levels, basically you will only jump on one block up, climbing to the top point and approaching the finish line. The Lines is built differently, but the main principles of parkour remained the same.

By: SG team

The Lines map for MCBE 1.2.10+

Perhaps the main obstacle in your path is very dim lighting. In no case do not increase the brightness, otherwise the map will become meaningless. Slowly move forward and watch the turns, you may not notice how you fall down.

The Lines map for MCBE 1.2.10+

The creators specially highlighted important places and borders with bright colors, which will quickly teach you how to move properly and not fall down in the first few seconds.

Download The Lines map for MCBE 1.2.10+


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