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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » My New Planet map for MCPE

My New Planet map for MCPE

This map is a completely new place to live for you, because the entire planet can be compared to a small biome in the ordinary world. This planet is lifeless, only trees and flowers inhabit its surface. At the top point is a tiny house where you will spend the night and make plans. Remember that the gravity of this planet does not work exactly as you are used to, the core of the planet attracts objects only on the top, so you will not find anything on the reverse side.

My New Planet map for MCPE
My New Planet map for MCPE

Tiny islands with things are next to your new home but to get to them you need bridges or any other path that you will come up with (except for the creative). Use each block wisely, since a tiny planet can very quickly become empty.

Download My New Planet map for MCPE


Lucas Ashcraft (1 January 2019 17:33)
Group: Guest
i hate you were is the download link stupid

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