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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)

Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)

The daily struggle for survival is the main feature of Minecraft on a par with construction. As you know, the pocket version offers players to build unique mechanisms not only for protection or entertainment but for food production.

Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)
Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)

This map will teach you how to properly and quickly build complex mechanisms that allow you to grow agricultural plants (do not miss the chance to get tens of times more new plants, mechanisms and tools, as well as food, by installing the More Food Mod). There are completely different mechanisms, but they all work without the use of command blocks, which allows playing this map on any version of MCPE from 0.16 to 1.2.6.

Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)
Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)

Some mechanisms:

  • Automatic farm - growing and storing vegetables and wheat
  • Mixer - create potions automatically
  • A huge oven - able to cook a huge amount of meat every minute
  • Cactus and sugar cane farms
  • And others

Download Automatic Farms Pack (MCPE 1.1/1.2)


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