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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » The Dropper map (MC Bedrock 1.2.6)

The Dropper map (MC Bedrock 1.2.6)

If earlier you were afraid to fall down, now you just have to jump off and land successfully because it's a dropper and the main task of this genre is to land. This map contains a beautiful lobby divided into vertical tunnels. By running the map you can choose the level yourself or go through it again.

The Dropper map (MC Bedrock 1.2.6)

What you need to do?

If you have never played droppers before, then do not worry because here are very simple rules and they are easy to remember: first jumping into one of the holes, you will be in free flight, but your way will be very dangerous because of obstacles or changing the shape of the tunnel, so move depending on the direction of the tunnel.

The Dropper map (MC Bedrock 1.2.6)

Secondly, only a smooth landing can save your life and finish the level, so look where you are falling.

Download The Dropper map for MC Bedrock 1.2.X


Josh Corley (13 August 2019 19:09)
Group: Guest
I love this dropper. I hope u like it too.
Ong To (8 July 2019 00:38)
Group: Guest

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