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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Multilevel Spleef map for MCPE - Bedrock

Multilevel Spleef map for MCPE - Bedrock

This is a great spleef if you want to have fun with your friends. Throw away your sword or bow on this map, you do not need them because the spleef are primarily tactics and dexterity. You and the other players of the game need to break the floor under the enemy's feet, after which he will fall down and be defeated.

Multilevel Spleef map for MCPE - Bedrock

The player who remains the last in the arena will be the winner. The floor consists of snow blocks and what is the best way to destroy such blocks? That's right, the shovel will become the main and most powerful weapon in your hands. Dig through the ground under the feet of the enemy and if he makes a mistake, he will fall down.

Multilevel Spleef is several levels located from top to bottom. Thus, if a player loses at the top level, then there is a chance that he will land to a level lower and survive if he does not fall again. Download Minecraft PE 1.2 if you do not want to see lags.

Download Multilevel Spleef map for MCPE 1.2


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