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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Pixel Playground map (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

Pixel Playground map (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

To date, Pixel Playground is confidently striding up and will soon take one of the leading places in the pixel art category. There are about 300 pixel arts from different authors, each art being built manually. The main creator (Fizzman) selects only the best creations and adds them to this map. You can also send him your own pixel art and if your work satisfies the rules, then probably it will appear in one of the following updates.

Pixel Playground map (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

Pixel Playground is created in a flat world, set the day time to see everything that was added in the last month. There is a normal pixel art (standard size) and mega (huge creations). Each art depicts a cartoon character, an anime or a video game character.

Pixel Playground map (Minecraft PE 1.2+)
Pixel Playground map (Minecraft PE 1.2+)

All the pixel arts are arranged in a row so that you can view all the pictures.

Download Pixel Playground map v0.0.6


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