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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)

Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)

This is a special update for Minecraft PE 1.2 which has collected all the best from the previous parts and is also the largest dropper of all. The map is developed by several players who carefully think through each new level. You will not find any mistakes here because the creators spend a lot of time trying to test every place.

Creator: LucasMegaStrikerâ„¢

Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)

No, it is not parkour and you do not have to jump like a rabbit. The main task of Mega Dropper is a safe fall. You must jump into the abyss and fly the entire level so as not to touch the obstacle and land safely on the surface. Use only the control buttons and carefully look at the walls to have time to dodge the ledges.

Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)
Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)

Also, the creators added a new type of levels in Mega Dropper. Players will fly up with the effect of levitation but the main task has not changed, you need to get to the goal as before. Try the previous Super Mega Dropper consisting of many different levels.

Download Super Mega Dropper (MCPE 1.2 Upd)


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