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For-Minecraft.com » Mansion & Abandoned Village Seed for Minecraft PE 1.15

Mansion & Abandoned Village Seed for Minecraft PE 1.15

This seed, of course, will be needed by those who have never seen a woodland mansion in Minecraft PE and really want to finally visit inside its walls. Only the mansion does not limit this seed generating other structures and biomes. Looking at it from a bird's eye view you will find the mansion surrounded by villages, an outpost and bees. One way or another, this is a fairly diverse seed that will reveal a lot of interesting things to you.

Found by: Minecraft & Chill

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft Bedrock:

Many players never found a mansion at all, which makes it very rare and mysterious. According to rumors, there are many rooms and its area is several hundred blocks. Consider it not as a peaceful place, there are those who want to escort you. Well, if you manage to fight back, you will get treasures and some rare blocks.

Surrounding Villages:

In the center is a mansion which is surrounded by two villages. One of them was an abandoned village which is also a rarity in some way. The second village is traditional with villagers and trading.

Outpost and witch hut:

Here are some more interesting places for research that are an outpost and a hut. Both structures are dangerous for beginners, illagers and witch can easily defeat you if you are not prepared for a fight. Moreover, the outpost is guarded by several illagers armed with crossbows.

Mansion & Abandoned Village Seed
Mansion & Abandoned Village Seed

Main Points:

Woodland Mansion (710, 96, 352)
Abandoned Village (645, 71, 177)
Village (934, 64, 174)
Witch Hut (1022, 64, 300)
Bees Plain (808, 77, 381)
Outpost (519, 98, 585)

Seed: 253326234

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