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Biomes Fogs for Minecraft PE

In addition to the updated Nether, Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 received a new scripting feature that allows you to change the fog for various biomes. An example is the Nether itself, where biomes have their own glow similar to fog. For the overworld, Biomes Fogs applies to all existing biomes, adding to each a specific fog.

By: Ar32Rafat

What does the fog look like?

In fact, the fog in Minecraft PE added by this addon is a specific color specified in the source code. This is a normal color without any effects, but thanks to the new fog game mechanics, the fog between biomes has a smooth transition. That is, when you leave one biome and fall into another, you will notice a smooth color change.

Some biomes:

• Plains
• Desert
• Extreme Hills
• Forest
• Flower Forest
• Taiga
• Swampland
• River
• Hell
• Frozen River
• Ice Plain
• Mushroom Island
• Desert Hills
• Jungle

Biomes Fogs for Minecraft PE 1.16
Biomes Fogs for Minecraft PE 1.16
Biomes Fogs for Minecraft PE 1.16

Video Review:

How to install the Biomes Fogs Resource Pack?

1. Download the pack and run it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Biomes Fogs for Minecraft PE


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