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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Borderlands v0.7.2 Mash-Up Pack x256 by Vizr (Minecraft v1.13 Bedrock)

Borderlands v0.7.2 Mash-Up Pack x256 by Vizr (Minecraft v1.13 Bedrock)

MashupPack is a reworked/compiled pack. Was made for personal use a while ago. It is a WIP.


Textures, Shaders, Soundpacks.
Better mob animation


Last time I made any Minecraft modification was in the early Java versions. So I don't know much for the Bedrock Edition that I play on the XB1. But I can comfirm that it works "flawlessly" in Realms or Local.


Minecraft "Bedrock Edition" for XB1 or PC [v1.11.4,v1.12.0 (v13, 14 work)]


Few lighting issues when looking straight to on torches or lava. I've fixed/tweak a few of the issues that would happen with Nightwalkers Stock for XB1 Shader Pack. (Piston still crashes game) I see better results with the shader pack.
I've notice dudes are making realistic fancy water I would lov that water with the lighting in this pack though. I can't seem to get it work though.


-Fancy Clouds
-Custom Lighting for time of day
-Moon Faces with Hyperion Satellite , etc.


It contains textures from
- True-Borderlands v1.8 (0.5.1) by PitchBlackPL Last updated Jul 14th, 2015
- BorderCraft 1.12.2 by: Dr Kalashnikov & Matteo Rizzo Last updated oct 18 2017
- Dokucraft WIP by Dokucraft TSC
 as my base. So it has many custom in game UI from it. Might change it later.
- Triton x256 1.9 by Ringoster (weapon & tools)

I've created/sampled a few of the textures in the pack in order to fill up the amount of custom blocks.
Made use of the barrel for the vending machine and 3 wool colors (green, red, pink) for the bottom block.
added a few custom chest. Many other block textures. "num_mip_levels": 2 is to two in order to fix blurry textures past 4 blocks in XB1.


Many mobs have a custom texture.
-Cows, sheep, spider, skeleton, zombies, creeper, villigers, etc
Am also slowly working on converting Borderlands character skin for the villagers.


- Ambient sounds
- Custom mob sounds
- All in game music is changed with Borderlands soundtracks (Records also have specific BL songs)

Every once and a while I power up my PC or photoshop and work on a few things when I'm bored. I keep on letting weeks go by, but I have the idea of adding a claptrap skin for the Parrot Mob. Since I've already added the annoying added the annoying claptrap audio files for it. If anyone is up for the task shoot me a msg.


Move files to C:\Users\ XXXX\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\ Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalState\ games\ com.mojang\ Resource_Packsthen enable under Minecraft World Settings

1.BL v0.7.2
3.H-Vizr Shader v0.0.1
4.Bedrockotimize (Organized Options)
(Brightness 0-25%, Max RenderDis, Max Chunk, Enable Experimental, Turn All fancy graphical settings ON)

Download Borderlands v0.7.2 Mash-Up Pack x256 for Minecraft v1.13


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