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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)

Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)

These are not exactly wind shaders; unlike similar shaders these ones add a new effect to Minecraft PE as if you are under water, thereby experiencing ripples and overflows. There are 4 versions with different capacities: the first adds a small effect that is perfectly combined with underwater research, and the last one is the transformation of the world into origami in the literal sense.

By: Urbanxx

The strength of each version of these shaders is demonstrated in the screenshots from the first to the last. Swimming and diving under the water you can make your favorite hobby even more realistic by installing the first small version.

Small - recommended for installation
Medium - slightly larger than the previous one
Large - Armageddon is approaching and you are in the epicenter of events
Square - just awful!

Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)
Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)
Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)
Wavy shaders for Minecraft Bedrock (iOS)

Wavy shaders have one great advantage - the shader adds a windy effect not only to surrounding blocks but to clouds and the upper part of the world as a whole. Wavy shaders are tested on iOS, but not tested on Android and Win10.

How to install Wavy shaders?

Download one of the shaders and open it using MCPE.
Go to the world or game settings and activate the shader.

Download Wavy Shaders - Small (recommended)
Download Wavy Shaders - Medium
Download Wavy Shaders - Large
Download Wavy Shaders - Square


Lander Vedua (3 July 2018 02:36)
Group: Guest
Almost everything here were from MCPEDL.com, can't you guys make your own stuff? Just saying.

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