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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Faithful (64x) for Minecraft PE Bedrock (IC)

Faithful (64x) for Minecraft PE Bedrock (IC)

This is the second texture pack for MCPE ported to Inner Core (this is a unique launcher that has much in common with BlockLauncher but surpasses it in some ways). In short, Faithful for IC allows you to play simultaneously with cool mods and textures, but there are no conflicts or errors.

Ported by: abdulla000n

Faithful (64x) for Minecraft PE Bedrock (IC)

The resolution is 64x, so beforehand, free up more memory on your device since high-resolution textures are very demanding. Faithful is probably the most popular texture pack existing in Minecraft PE, it has long been a prototype for other textures.

How to install Faithful?

Install Inner Core.
Move "Faithful 64x64" to games/com.mojang/mods/.

Download Faithful (64x) for Minecraft PE Bedrock (IC)


Minecraft boi (9 June 2019 15:36)
Group: Guest
This is a great texture pack!It just adds too the default look of Minecraft!💓On a scale of 1-10 I choose 100![i][/i]

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