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Coins for Minecraft PE - Bedrock

These excellent coins can be part of any economic mod or addon for MCPE, because they have many advantages over emeralds and their texture looks better than others. Coins are a new currency in Minecraft PE, which is used when trading with villagers or to exchange items with other players if you are playing multiplayer. In general, coins are not the only thing that has been added.

Coins for Minecraft PE - Bedrock


  • Coins
  • Coin ore
  • Coin blocks

Emeralds have been replaced with these items so you can easily find coins under the ground. Anyway, if you need a new realistic currency, coins are the best option for you.

Crafting recipes:

Coins for Minecraft PE - Bedrock

How to install the Coins addon?

Download the file and open it using the game.
Go to the world settings and activate it.

Download Coins for Minecraft PE - Bedrock


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