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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » New HUD for Minecraft PE

New HUD for Minecraft PE

If you are seriously focused on PvP and you are important every second then try playing with this pack. It replaces the standard HUD in which the player's parameters are scattered all around the screen. New HUD is designed so that your eyes are focused in two places: the main area is the center of the screen where the main battles take place.

New HUD for Minecraft PE

In the upper left corner you will see your character and the main parameters such as health, armor, hunger and oxygen balance. You no longer need to open inventory to see the items on, and forget about counting the amount of health and armor, they now look like a solid line with a filled indicator.

New HUD for Minecraft PE

The pack supports iOS and Android, Win10 has not been tested. If you decide to play multiplayer with it, then notice that only the server operator is able to install this pack.

How to install the New HUD?

1. Open the game and go to settings.
2. Activate the texture pack.

Download New HUD for Minecraft PE


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