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Hi-tech Faithful textures (Minecraft PE)

These are special textures for technical mods where there are a huge number of complex control blocks, mechanisms and process interfaces. Hi-tech Faithful combines all the mechanisms of the IndustrialCraft PE mod and works perfectly on a compatible version of the game. At the moment, the texture pack is updated for MCPE 1.0.X (also supports newer versions) and has 32x resolution.
Changes in the ASP ver:
Added textures for the Advanced Solar Panels addon.
Blocks that appear as objects are also displayed in 32x32 (Core Engine interface).

Hi-tech Faithful textures (Minecraft PE)

Updated items from the IC 1.09.X.

Hi-tech Faithful textures (Minecraft PE)
Hi-tech Faithful textures (Minecraft PE)
Hi-tech Faithful textures (Minecraft PE)

Faithful original textures are here. Use the latest version of IC2 otherwise there may be problems with the items and interface.

Download Hi-tech Faithful textures [IC 1.08]
Download Hi-tech Faithful textures [IC 1.09]
Download Hi-tech Faithful textures [ASP addon]
Download IndustrialCraft PE mod


Marvel (23 July 2017 18:25)
Group: Guest
Hi notch I love your mod I hope you can make more

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