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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » XRAY for Minecraft PE 1.0

XRAY for Minecraft PE 1.0

Probably, this is the most harmless and easy to install hack for Minecraft PE. XRAY will help you to see hostile mobs through any blocks, so you can explore hidden caves. Honestly it's not hack, it's a resource pack so activation takes place in a few seconds. Some servers have installed mobs plugins, and now you will always see aggressive creatures as well as unfilled space.

How to use the XRAY?

XRAY for Minecraft PE 1.0

You need to perform only a few steps after which this hack will work. First, download the hack and move it to the /resource packs folder. Then start the game and go to the global settings. Here you just need to select the downloaded hack and play.

Download XRAY for Minecraft PE 1.0


Trenton (25 August 2020 16:45)
Group: Guest
Fortune infinity
Nether diamond
Isaiah (19 August 2017 17:16)
Group: Guest
Ayo what's poopin logang ay lmao

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