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ModMaster - Mod Maker for MCPE (IC)

On our site you could already see cool modifications that add new mechanisms, crafting recipes, blocks and clothes, new parameters and working principles. In fact, the creators of these mods should have a basic knowledge of programming in order to develop unique modifications.

ModMaster - Mod Maker for MCPE (IC)

ModMaster is a special program with a convenient interface and the ability to flexibly configure objects. Simply put, you can create your own blocks with new textures and characteristics, and also add certain properties.

ModMaster - Mod Maker for MCPE (IC)

Requires Windows 7+ and Java 8+. The created mods work only with the help of InnerCore (basis for modifications, is an alternative for BlockLauncher). The default language is Russian (English / Chinese).
ModMaster - Mod Maker for MCPE (IC)

Changelog Alpha 3:
New interface of the program
Syntax highlighting
Fixed bugs when downloading information about recipes in crafting table
Added English, Chinese localization
Other minor changes and fixes

ModMaster - Mod Maker for MCPE (IC)

Changelog Alpha 2:

Changed main menu
Deleted tab settings in the creative mode
Added fields for author, version, description, icons
Items without recipes no longer cause an error when assembling
Added the ability to add fuel for the furnace
Removed option "Indents in the assembled file"
New item option "Enchantment effect"
New item option "Click through to liquids"
Added error when assembling a project with incorrect textures
Minor interface changes

Download ModMaster (ModMaker)


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