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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » New Capes Pack for Minecraft BE 1.11

New Capes Pack for Minecraft BE 1.11

In fact, it is very dangerous to use custom capes on Minecraft servers, but when it comes to the Java edition. Speaking of MCPE, you can play on user servers having a cape installed as a skin. No cloak has any fantastic properties, it does not give acceleration and does not protect against backstabs. This is an accessory for your character and no more, do not wait for magic.

The Pack consists of:

Developers Cape
Diamond Cape
Melon Cape
Minecon [2011-2016]
Monster Cape
Potato Cape
Sword Cape

The 15 capes presented were taken mainly from Minecon conferences, but there are also unique developer capes. You can also wear capes created by you with the help of the Wearable Capes Addon by converting banners to a blank canvas that can be painted and hung on your back as a cape.

How to install the New Capes Pack?

1. Open the downloaded file using the game.
2. Go to customize and choose one.

Download New Capes Pack for Minecraft BE 1.11


Samuel (22 July 2019 05:07)
Group: Guest

black cape
Dragok44474 (15 July 2019 01:10)
Group: Guest
ahmadidris (21 June 2019 04:46)
Group: Guest
how to get cape in behind grapeapplesauce
DrMongoooooose (4 June 2019 11:36)
Group: Guest
This doesn't work and hasn't since June 2018
DressyVeil92183 (13 March 2019 21:05)
O pacote só funciona na 1.5.0,não funciona na 1.11,por favor especifique a versão do minecraft que o pacote funciona,isso evita que qualquer pessoa baixe um arquivo que não funciona.
Black knight playz (13 March 2019 17:33)
Group: Guest
How i download the file?

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