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zShaders v13.0 for Minecraft PE

zShaders are summer shaders with a pleasant and warm atmosphere that is created thanks to more bright lighting. Compare Minecraft before and after installing these shaders and you immediately notice the modified light system, a small wind swinging plant and a realistic fog. Everything looks much more interesting if you try to walk during sunset.

By: zShaders

Changelog v13.0:

Works on Minecraft PE 1.10.X Beta.
Two versions, see below.
Many changes since version 1.2.

New screenshots:

zShaders v13.0
zShaders v13.0
zShaders v13.0
zShaders v13.0
zShaders v13.0
zShaders v13.0

Changelog v11.0:

Compatibility with Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.14.

Enhanced illumination.
New torches.
Updated rain.
Simplified and beautiful water.
The sky has new colors.
Directional lighting on blocks.
And other.


Realistic movements in water.
Rain scatter effect.
Plant movement.
Realistic sky and moon (absolutely new).
Shadows of trees.
And also the features of the low version.

Currently, the zShaders creator makes a lot of effort to bring his pack to the ideal state. Already now you can download the updated version for MCPE 1.2.8, compatible with iOS and Android.

How to install the zShaders?

Download one of the packs and open it using the game.
Go to the world or game settings and activate the pack.

Download zShaders v11 - Low
Download zShaders v11 - Ultra
Download zShaders v13 - Completed
Download zShaders v13 - No Vignette


Stephany (11 January 2018 18:32)
Group: Guest
Como descargo el shader?
zeid (7 January 2018 11:41)
Group: Guest
Ronald (4 January 2018 15:32)
Group: Guest
Bien hecho

Muy chido

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