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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » VERT Legacy Shader for MCPE 1.20

VERT Legacy Shader for MCPE 1.20

Following the modified render dragon shaders such as Newb X Legacy comes VERT Legacy created as an independent project. Before it there were normal versions of Vert which you can also download from the link but for older Minecraft updates. However, the Legacy edition includes a classic shader pack running on a modified app.

By: KinKaren 3310

VERT Legacy Shader for MCPE 1.20
VERT Legacy Shader for MCPE 1.20

VERT Legacy differences:

Talking about the difference between this and previous versions, Legacy is on the path of consistent performance and maximum support. In fact, this is a low end shader for Minecraft PE 1.20 and later versions with RenderDragon enabled.

VERT Legacy Shader
VERT Legacy Shader
There is no point in listing what the shader adds since VERT is trying not to change dramatically. Briefly, these features are simulating RTX on the capabilities of the mobile platform: geometric shadows, realistic sun rays and sunlight, as well as glow from light-emitting objects.

How does this work on RD?

You will need the moded client from the link below. It is required to correctly display all the features of the shader if you are playing MCPE 1.20. Versions prior to 1.17 can be used without installing anything else.

How to install the VERT Legacy Shader?

1. Download and install the patched Minecraft apk
2. Download the shader and import it
3. Enable the shader in Global Resource Packs

Download Minecraft Patched
Download VERT Legacy Shader for Minecraft PE 1.20


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