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Mirai Shaders (1.18)

Mirai Shaders is a collection of new configurations for Minecraft 1.18 aimed at developing the environment towards improved realism. And while the shader doesn't claim to be the most realistic of the Bedrock Edition shaders, it does add a lot of customizable features to make the world environment look incredible.

By: bambosan

Volumetric Clouds:

It starts with this - Mirai Shaders change ordinary clouds into something alive. Finding the differences will take you a few seconds, take a look at the screenshots and then watch the video where the clouds move and change.

Mirai Shaders (1.18)
Mirai Shaders (1.18)
Mirai Shaders (1.18)

YT Showcase:

Usually, realistic clouds in Minecraft are a moving picture, a simple cubemap. In Mirai, the sky has an extraordinary life: clouds can combine, dissolve and form again.

Mirai Shaders
Mirai Shaders
Mirai Shaders

Custom Fog:

Moving on, the shader brings in a small settings file responsible for some of the effects. For example, fog is customizable, including range, transparency, chroma.

Other than fog, here's what you can customize based on your experience and preference for how this or that element should look.

How to adjust?

Follow the path and open the common.glsl file (Mirai-Shaders-BE.mcpack\Mirai-Shaders-BE\shaders\glsl)




Adjustable Variable:

• adjust how fast time passes
• range 0 - 360 (degrees) and will affected when disabling DYNAMIC_LIGHT_ANGLE
• 0 - 180 is full daytime and 180 - 360 is full night time
• rotation of the sun in z direction
• atmospheric scattering settings
• cloud settings
• set volumetric cloud height in meters
• set volumetric cloud thickness in meters
• volumetric cloud steps, this is the main value of quality. bigger is better, smaller will be more dither
• volumetric cloud light steps, affected on the thickness of light absorbed by cloud
• value of cloud brightness in the area near sun
• light scatter of cloud from the area near sun
• water reflection settings
• underwater settings
• torch light value
• adjust exposure globally
• adjust saturation globally
• adjust contrast globally
• adjust terrain shadow
• adjust saturation of terrain shadow, higher more bluish

How to install the Mirai Shaders?

1. Download the shder and open it using the game.
2. Go to the world or game settings and activate the pack.

Download Mirai Shaders for Minecraft PE 1.18


Lismaury (26 June 2023 18:11)
Group: Guest
No me sale el descargar
Esau (24 September 2022 07:08)
Group: Guest
Muy bueno
Alfin (23 April 2022 09:54)
Group: Guest
Saya ingin shader Minecraft Beta yg ini karena indah
Mirza (26 March 2022 20:08)
Group: Guest
Gungwah (5 March 2022 18:19)
Group: Guest
Mna shaders nua
Farhan (28 February 2022 05:04)
Group: Guest
Irwan (25 February 2022 22:41)
Group: Guest
Sayah mau shader ini

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