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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17

WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17

WishBe is the optimal shader for Minecraft PE 1.17 in cases where the amount of RAM is strictly limited. Are you dreaming of playing with nice shaders and still maintaining stable FPS? Try it along with the coloring features that work in all directions to aesthetically improve the Minecraft graphics.

By: Bear

What does WishBe bring?

Above all, WishBe is working on an overall optimization so that players with any device can see realistic skies and soft lighting without sacrificing precious performance. Along with this, there are many other features inherent in the average shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17
WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17
WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17
WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17


The basic requirement for the shader to work 100% is RAM. Having the game running stably with your GPU, WishBe will continue to work normally - the main rule is the amount of RAM.

Recommended: 2GB of RAM or more.
OS: Android, iOS (for 1.17); Win10, Consoles (not guaranteed) (for 1.15/1.16)

WishBe Shader
WishBe Shader
WishBe Shader

How to install the WishBe Shader?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download WishBe Shader for Minecraft PE 1.17


Maria julia (2 December 2023 09:24)
Group: Guest

Eu qro jogar com meus amigos eu qro muito por favor
Bear (5 January 2023 10:43)
Group: Guest
I am the creator of wishbe, and I didn't allow anyone to upload the shader here. Who allow you?
Guest Davi (29 December 2022 07:23)
Group: Guest
Oi eu só quero joga
Endrick (4 December 2022 04:20)
Group: Guest
Eu quero uma cheiders pfv
Bruh028 (14 April 2022 02:12)
Group: Guest
Shaun Alvysh Aquiman Sabio (30 September 2021 19:32)
Group: Guest
Boo it's zip

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